I'm a regular volunteer at Welcome Home Ministries. Every Saturday, we dedicate our weekly services to the homeless near or in the city of Fountain Valley, CA. We offer a warm, home-cooked breakfast, clean clothes, laundry machines, showers, haircuts, prayer, messages, and a place to stay from 6 am to the afternoon. I mostly help out in the kitchen, but I realized that the ministries lacked visual identity, so I decided to develop one based on my weekly experiences there.



The concept behind the logo I developed for Welcome Home Ministries relies on the idea of the "home." To many of the homeless, this word held was a topic that combined the two unlikely elements of stability and impermanence. "Home," to them, holds a temporal connotation. Whether it's a trailer home, a small car, or the streets, the homeless who come engage with volunteers and others in similar situations find a sense of belonging through the ministries.

The home depicted in my logo utilizes empty space, symbolizing the lack of resources the homeless face on a day-to-day basis, but is still a work in progress that is being built up. At the top of the roof is a heart and a spoon that respectively symbolize the significance of love and fellowship through food. In the Bible, it is evident that communal eating is a place of connection, brokenness, and blessing.




Various applications utilizing the logo and the color palettes. 

Envelopes for holding donations that go towards the ministry.

T-shirts for those serving and being served.

Reusable bags.